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ASAP is a network of individuals who are committed to the alleviation of oppression and human rights violations in Afghanistan.

ASAP pledges to show solidarity with Afghan people by upholding democracy and human rights in Afghanistan.

To achieve this, we are committed to:

  Raising awareness of the situation in Afghanistan and bordering Afghan refugee camps
  Lobbying the United States Government, the United Nations, and other institutions on behalf of Afghan people.
  Collaborating with other Afghan and international organizations committed to upholding democracy and human rights in Afghanistan.
  Taking positive action to help women attain the freedom to live as they choose in Afghanistan.

We strongly condemn :

  undemocratic armed groups such as the Mujahideen and Taliban who routinely violate human rights, in particular women's rights, in Afghanistan.
  the pivotal role of outside powers, in particular the US, in promoting violence within Afghanistan.
  the imposition of economic sanctions which weaken Afghan civilians and strengthen ruling powers such as the Taliban.